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Sculpted SMP


A bit about Sculpted SMP

Welcome to Sculpted SMP, Adelaide's provider of SMP treatments in Adelaide.


Sculpted SMP Director, Ceri, listens to you and addresses how we can work together to change your hair concerns into confidence. 


No matter where you are on your hair journey, Scalp Micropigmentation may just be the long-term solution for you to mimic the appearance of your hair follicles. 

Come and Say Hey!

For the last six years, Ceri has exclusively specialised in skin and cosmetic treatments during her sixteen years in the beauty profession.


Her experience has not only equipped her with the ability to understand the significance of looking and feeling confident; but it has also allowed her to recognise how to create aesthetic results customised to an individual’s traits in order to enhance their appearance as naturally as possible.


Ceri understands that hair can be paramount to one’s identity, and her goal is to ensure you are able to achieve the confidence you may have lost as a result of hair loss. 


Our Goal

The goal of Sculpted SMP is to restore as much confidence as possible to men and women whose lives have been adversely affected by hair loss brought on by pattern baldness, alopecia, hormonal fluctuations, scarring, and general thinning of the hair. SMP enables customers to restore the appearance of their hair as naturally as possible while also using meticulous procedures such as skin tone matching and hair follicle mimicry, which will help to improve their overall appearance by taking years off their age.

Ceri understands that each client has their own reasoning behind completing this transformation, and that is why your treatments will be tailored to your needs to achieve the results you want to achieve. She will work with you personally to ensure that your hair loss journey is a comfortable and safe experience; and that it ultimately meets your end goal.

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