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Terms & Conditions

Specials and promotions are valid for 3 months unless otherwise agreed. 

Treatments paid in full are valid for 12 months.

A $20 admin fee may apply to bookings made with change of mind cancelation where deposit refunds apply.

Specials/Discounts/Promotions can not be combined.

We do not refund gift vouchers for cash however they may be regifted with approval.

Gift vouchers must be used within 3 years of purchase.

To avoid late cancelation fees, changes to your booking can be made up to 3 days prior to your appointment. A cancelation fee of $200 will be applied at time of cancelation. Treatments will recommence once fee has been paid. The treatment must be concluded within a three-month period to avoid incurring additional treatment expenses.

Failure to attend your appointment without prior notification to Sculped SMP may result in a no-show fee equivalent to the full price of the individual treatment. Please note that the total cost of the treatment consists of three appointments.


Cancelling on the day of your appointment is also classified as a no-show.

If you have a change of medications or health conditions restricting you from treatments, notifying staff at least two days prior to your appointment is essential to avoid potential late cancellations. 

Consultation forms must be completed prior to your appointment. If you have a contraindication that prevents you from being able to have your treatment that day, you may be charged for the cost of the individual treatment. If forms are returned within 48 hours, a late cancellation fee may apply if we need to reschedule. 

A non refundable deposit must be made to secure appointments. Failure to secure your deposit within 48 hours of your treatment may result in your appointment being cancelled. 

Clients undergoing a specialised treatment plan due to possible contraindications are kindly requested to submit relevant photos at least 24 hours before their scheduled appointments. These photos are crucial for ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the treatment and to avoid any late cancellation fees. 

No monetary refunds will be given for any reason, though alternative refunds may be offered, such as store credit or gift vouchers. 

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